Our classes

At Pilates Nathalie Cadotte, you’ll find a wide range of stimulating and diversified classes! Our team of talented instructors invites you to discover a full range of unique experiences.

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, we have everything you need to challenge, entertain and surpass yourself.

Pilates with and without equipment

Aerobics and fitness classes

Private, semi-private and group classes

In person at the studio or virtually live at home

Below you’ll find details of all group classes offered at the studio. For private and semi-private courses, please contact us directly!

Our group classes

Jumpboard (3 PERS.)

Jumps on the reformer jumpboard targeting cardio, thighs and abdominals.

Pilates on Swiss ball (10 PERS.)

Pilates class on the floor with Swiss ball or roller to work the abdominal muscles and balance.

Pilates on equipment (3 PERS.)

Class combining exercises from the pilates repertoire performed on the reformer, tower and mat.

Stretching (10 PERS.)

A class designed to stretch and massage your muscles while you breathe. Relaxation guaranteed!

Air Yogalates (6 PERS.)

Choreography performed in hammocks 2-3 feet off the ground, allowing suspended movements with or without contact with the ground. This discipline fuses circus art, pilates, yoga and dance.

Bootcamp (10 PERS.)

Intensive circuit training. A succession of exercises to improve strength, speed and power. Training is performed with music, but not choreographed.


The best interval training in town. Intense cardio sequences followed by short rest periods. Helps you lose weight.


Suspension workout challenging your pilates connections and muscular endurance. (Running shoes required)

Barre Pilates (10 PERS.)

A class blending pilates and ballet techniques with a fitness twist, targeting the back, buttocks and abdominal muscles.

Chair Pilates (3 pers.)

A class featuring the pilates chair for slimming, improving posture and balance.

Pilates Tonic (10 PERS.)

Elastic bands and weights are often used in this class.

The class is designed to tone the body and work your endurance, always within your ability.

A different set of exercises each week to discover new muscles as the class progresses.

The complete schedule is available by clicking on the button below.

Here is my comment following my last Pilates class, everything was perfect and I find the staff very competent.

I am very pleased to have chosen this wonderful center and to my great satisfaction I am beginning to see changes in my body which are very encouraging for the physical issues that are troubling me.

And ….. thank you for being attentive to this problem, you are professional, understanding and the atmosphere spells (((( Happiness )))).

Monique F.